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15 Days before a Move


Managing your move when you have 15 days or more than a week in hand is really a great deal. You don’t have much time, or you running shortage of it. So it may be considered as the ideal time period to deal with your entire relocation smoothly. It cannot be considered as an eleventh hour move as you have ample time with you. How to make the best use of that time depends on your ability and understanding the importance of time as well.

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How to manage the precious 15 days to make your relocation successful is indeed a great job. We will tell you few quick and important checkout lists to manage it to your level best and to make your relocation successful.

If you are planning to move with your car, its proper time to intimate packers and movers for the same. If driving your way, then take your car for a servicing so that you may not face any problem on your way.

It is the ideal time to look after your precious Jewellery or heirlooms, pack them safe and keep them in the safer side so that you may have proper access top them on your moving day.

Look for your secret hideouts and manage all the precious items packing. If you have borrowed any book from the library then it’s the time to return them. Collect all the necessary items you have spread for servicing, like clothes, quilts etc. Begin with the cleaning of the emptied room; this will prevent you from the last moment hurry.

Clean the closets and cabinets that have been emptied by you. Seal them wisely before doing a final round of cross check.

If you or any of your family members takes a regular medicine, then consult the doctor and get a brief report of your health, so that you may continue proper checking in your next halt.

Now managing your move has been even simpler. Go systematic when you have time in your hand. Manage everything accordingly. And prevent yourself from unwanted loss. 15 days is the ideal time for managing your move to its best. This is the best time for packing your Jewellery, heirlooms and collecting your stuff. The ideal time will help you to wind up everything properly.

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