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How to Pack Bedroom for a Move


Your bedroom is the top priority and the most important part of your house; after all you spend most of your leisure time there. The comfort level at the bedroom cannot be reached anywhere else. If you are planning for a relocation, then the shifting of your bedroom comes in the top priority list. Any compromise in the same will snatch away or comfort and ease at the bedroom.

 Our bedroom consists of most of our belongings. Generally in an Indian bedroom one could spot, double bad, cupboard, TV, recliner, paintings, photo frames and some antiques as well. Packing all these valuable belongings is one of the toughest phase of relocation and especially if you are doing it by your own. Few steps can make your bedroom shifting an interesting task.

Start packing from the small item, this will help you in going a managed way for your entire shifting process.

Fragile and expensive item should always be packed in advance, as to avoid any kind of damage due to eleventh hour run.

While packing photo frames, wrap them in a newspaper and addition to that hold the wrapping by tying with thread or cello tape.

Ensure that the cartons of the fragile have cushion space filled with thermo sheet or newspaper, so that consignment should not damage due to disturbance caused during the transit phase.

Pack the clothing of cupboard in suitcases and bags. Get rid of the useless stuffs while packing for a move.

Pack non seasonal clothes first, this may help you in smooth shifting.

The drawers of the cupboard has most valuable items such as Jewellery so pack these items in a separate hand bags and carry it with yourself.

Bed sheets, drapes, blankets they all should be kept in a separate bag or carton.

If possible pack the mattress and quilts in bedding wraps.

Pack the most useful items that you will immediately need in the next destination in a separate box, so that it could be easily approachable to you. Labeling the box will raise your convenience level.

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