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How to Pack Crockery for a Move


Crockery’s are the most fragile items among all the household goods. They have to be cared with high sensitivity. They are of course expensive items and are the decorative of the kitchen as well. Any physical damage to the crockery is a direct monetary loss. The chances of the damage to these delicate darlings rise when we decide to shift our location. Transit phase of these fragile items are the most dangerous phase for them, hence they need extra care and attention during the same. Following are the quick tips as how to pack the crockery for a move.

 1)     Dish Barrels are the best to pack the crockery items. The durability and proper space adjustment in the same makes it the best to pack china and porcelain items. Though their cost may hurt your pocket a little bit, but if you are a frequent mover then it is a one time investment for you.

 2)     Always keep the heavier items and crockery’s at the bottom. This would provide a base to the item and will also support the carton and other crockery.

 3)     Double seal the base of the carton before placing the crockery in it. If possible cover the inside wall of the carton with a plastic so that it may support the crockery in any kind of damage.

 4)     Don’t put your breakables straight away in the carton boxes. Wrap them first. Bubble wraps and newsprints are best for the same.

 5)     Bone china crockery should not be wrapped in newsprint. The chemical released by the newspaper may defame the beauty of your crockery.

 6)     Before packing the glass in the carton. Wrap it from inside and outside both. While putting glasses altogether, fill the extra space with newspaper or cloth.

 7)     Mark the carton with fragile, to avoid any miss happening.

 8)     Load the fragile items in the front side with enough spacing in between. Don’t put any box or carton above the fragile box.

 Keeping in mind these few basic points while packing your fragile, you can actually make your shifting an easy move. Many Packers and Movers provide extra assistance for the fragile specially the crockery items.

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